Welcome to Schmittat Photography

Hello and Welcome.

My name is Moritz Schmittat – I’m a wedding photographer, videographer and live streamer based in Guildford. Originally, I’m from Germany. I came to England in 2008, lived in London for a few years and have now settled in Guildford with my wife and our three kids.

Weddings are magical. I love being at weddings, seeing all the emotions, the happiness, the anticipation, the fun and the crazy partying. I’m very flexible offering wedding photography, videography and even live streaming or any combination of these.

I work in a very unobtrusive way. My aim is to be ‘invisible’, if you don’t know I’m there I have achieved my goal. Only that way I am able to capture true moments and real emotions. You can just relax and enjoy your day.

Being married myself, I know how much stress wedding planning can be. I have structured my services in a way that aims to make the entire process easy and fun – not only the wedding day but also everything that comes before and after, including initial conversations, booking and planning as well as delivery and presentation.

I have years and years of experience both as a wedding photographer and videographer. The best way to show you my work would be to show you some complete weddings (with the kind permission of the couples) – exactly as I have delivered it to the couples. Please get in touch and we will send you the login details.

I’m glad you’ve stumbled upon this website and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


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