Amazon Product Photography Packages

Starter Package

Get started on a budget with five high quality, super sharp product shots on white background.

  • One Hero Shot featuring your product as big as possible to stick out on Amazon’s search results
  • Detail shots: We zoom in CLOSE! Let’s show your clients what your product is made of, the finer detail, surfaces, etc.
  • Ensemble shot: Does your product consist of multiple parts? Let’s show them all together in one shot.
  • Each shot gets painstakingly edited in Photoshop. We make the background pure digital white, clean the surfaces of your product (dust particles, hairline cracks), straighten edges, and simply make it look perfect.

£250 (+vat)

Coffee Mug Product Photography for Amazon
Coffee Mug Product Photography for Amazon

Amazon Pro

Adding lifestyle scenes and more creative shots. Ten final shots on white background.

  • Everything included in the Starter Package
  • Hand model: let us hold, open, pack or fold your product
  • Add some props to tell a story. Let’s show your customers what makes your product unique.
  • Ten final images on white background. Each treated with the utmost attention to detail in Photoshop

£500 (+vat)

Amazon Premium

Let’s leave the studio and tell a story. 15 final shots on a white background and on location.

  • Everything included in the Amazon Pro Package
  • Modeling: we wear, hold, use or even eat your product. We can even get the kids involved or borrow the neighbour’s dog.
  • We arrange sets: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, garden, car, park or anywhere else where we may shoot
  • 15 final images shot on a white background and on location. We’ll get crazy in Photoshop to push the quality as far as we possibly can.

£750 (+vat)

Walero Racing Product Photography
Jet Interior Photography
Lifestyle Product Photography

Amazon Complete

Our all-in-one package including product photography, lifestyle photography, and graphic design

  • Everything included in the Amazon Premium Package
  • Infographics: Let’s add text and logos to your images
  • Feature shots including magnification bubbles to zoom in on details (including lines, arrows, shadows, etc.)
  • All images PLUS seven final designed frames  (skip the external graphic designer)

£1000 (+vat)

Posture Corrector Amazon