Animation / Green Screen

V12 is a new sugar-free protein food supplement. It’s a convenient 50ml short which can be enjoyed practically anywhere and at anytime.

V12 commissioned me to create an animated video to a pre-written script.

The animation process took two full days. The video is now on YouTube with over 25k hits.

Production budget: £1050

Peto is a trading platform to do business with the NHS. Stocks can be added and offered and the NHS can easily find, compare and order what they need.

This video is a simple screen record to a pre-written script.

Production time: 1 day

Production budget: £600 (incl. voice over fee)

Prism Total IT Solutions needs to send out engineers to their customers if IT problems cannot be solved remotely. In order to explain the service procedure to the customer Prism commissioned me to create this video featuring the professional TV presenter Louise Beckett.

Louise was filmed in front of a green screen as she read the script off a telepromter. Filming took three hours.

The animation process took two full days.

Production budget incl. presenter fee: £1.9k