Architectural and Interior Design Photography

My architectural and interior design photography portfolio is probably my most varied. Whilst the majority of my clients invariably fall into the same categories – real-estate agents, marketing managers, architects and interior designers – the scope of projects I have had the privilege to photograph is truly vast. For my work in architectural photography and interior design photography I have snapped hotels, holiday resorts, shopping centres, high streets, train stations, churches, care homes and private properties. What’s more, I’ve also been lucky enough to travel to Spain, France, Switzerland and Germany as well as shooting right here in the UK.

A consistent approach to architectural photography

Despite this variety however, the objective for me as an interior design photographer is often the same: make the subject, be it a development or an individual building, look as appealing as possible from both the inside and outside (within its surroundings). Throughout my years as an architectural and interior design photographer I’ve developed a great set of techniques (such as HDR composites or stitched panoramas) to make this possible, together with a carefully crafted strategy that ensures I produce razor sharp, vibrantly contrasted images from start to finish. Firstly, before the camera comes out I’ll take a walk around the site and take a mental note of the most interesting points of view.

The tricks of the trade of interior design photography

Then I’ll decide on the angles from which I am going to shoot in order to achieve the most flattering final product possible. In both architecture photography and interior design photography, angles can make or break a photograph – as an architectural photographer you have to ensure you are making the area look as spacious as possible whilst making the most of the natural light you have at your disposal. Have a look at my client Space Workplace – I’ve shot all of their recent projects..

Photographing buildings in London

Of course, none of this could be achieved without the wide array of special lenses and cameras I have in my collection. And, I am always updating these to make sure they are in line with the finest industry standards. Whatever your photography project, I will approach it with an open mind and endeavour to produce the most creative, unique design photographs possible, looking at your interior or exterior space from angles that you had perhaps never even considered before. I am more than happy to travel and love to recount my adventures in architectural and interior design photography, opening my eyes to new environments and cultures.

If you would like to hear more about what my architectural photography can do for you, please get in touch via my contact page today.