Interior Design Charters Village 2

Interior Design Charters Village

I’ve been hired to shoot the interior design of one of the show homes of Charters Village – the latest project of Retirement Villages Ltd. Charters Village is an impressive care home development. It is located within stunning forests and fields. In one of my last blog posts I described how I photographed the exterior of the various buildings using a technique called HDR (High Dynamic Range).

Today I’d like to show you the photos I took of the interior design. I have shot lots of show homes before and they are always generously decorated by professional interior design companies. Shooting inside can be tricky as the light inside is usually a lot weaker than the daylight outside. The human eye doesn’t really mind but the camera does. If I calibrate my exposure for the inside everything you see out of the window will be almost completely white (blown out). If I expose my photo correctly according to the light outside everything inside will look way too dark.

The answer to this challenge – again – is HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography very similar to what I used for the outside architectural photography. Again, I shot three different exposures of the same photo (under exposed, over exposed and correctly exposed), which I merged into a single high definition file during the post-production back in my studio.

The results are photographs, which are full of detail both inside the building and looking outside the windows.

Another challenge of interior design photography is to make each room look big and bright. I use very special high quality wide-angle lenses that capture an angle much wider to the human eye. These lenses have special coatings to minimise artefacts and distortion ensuring detailed, colourful and high contrast results.

In total I spend four hours at Charters Village: two outside and two inside the showhome.

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