Corporate Headshot Photographer London and the South East

I’m Moritz Schmittat, a corporate headshot photographer for London and the South East. I visit businesses of all sizes to take business headshots on location. I have an entirely mobile studio, and I can produce up to 50 corporate headshots per day. I also offer group shots and lifestyle photography.

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Corporate Headshots on Location

Corporate headshot photography styles

I offer a wide range of styles for my professional corporate headshot photography. Whether you prefer a professional neutral background or a dramatic London skyline, I’m happy to work according to your brief or to come up with new original ideas for your business headshots. I know that posing in front of the camera can feel uncomfortable for some. I have a wide range of techniques to “break the ice” and make everybody look good in front of the lens within a minimum amount of time.

Grey Backdrop Business Portraits

A dark or light grey background is one of the most popular choices for corporate headshot photography. It looks great for every skin tone and hair colour, neutral professional look, perfect for websites and LinkedIn profiles.

Dark Backdrop Business Headshots

Traditional professional headshot photography conveys authority and competence; great for the financial and legal sectors.

Black Backdrop Corporate Headshots

For a robust, professional and contrasty business portrait look, best with a bit of gradient behind the subject, it makes every skin tone pop.

White Backdrop Professional Headshots

Professional headshots on a white background are easy to integrate into media such as websites or print; bright and contemporary professional photography; looks great in black and white too!

Office Portraits

It’s is a modern take on business portrait photography. The background can be completely blurred; lively, colourful, and great for creative professionals.

Outdoor Business Portraits

Business headshots that show your professional environment convey energy and activity; they are great portraits for public figures and business leaders.

Workplace Portraits

Show yourself and your workplace in this contemporary approach to business headshot photography. Explains what you do; creative and unusual; great for professionals who don’t work at a computer.

Headshot Photography

My corporate headshot photography experience has seen me working with people from all backgrounds and professions, mainly in London and Surrey. The goal is always the same: create a business-like headshot that conveys a friendly, likeable and approachable appearance whilst maintaining an air of professionalism and expertise.

Business Portraits

I believe an excellent corporate headshot can say a lot about somebody, and I will tailor my corporate headshot photography style to suit their profession. For example, a bank manager in central London may want to appear more professional, while a psychotherapist in Surrey may appear warmer and more approachable. I use a variety of techniques and technologies to achieve this.

Professional Headshots

My corporate headshot photography studio is entirely mobile – all of my equipment can fit into three bags, and it takes no longer than 30 minutes to set up. Most of my corporate headshot photography work is in London and Surrey. Alternatively, my Guildford-based living room studio is ideal for individual corporate headshot photography sessions.

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    More about Professional Headshot Photography London and Surrey

    I have compiled a list of questions I often ask by potential clients. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Why do I need a professional headshot?

    Most of my clients in London and Surrey use their corporate headshots for their social media profiles, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. Still, the need for a professional headshot can vary according to the industry. I have worked for journalists in central London who use my photos in their articles. Many managers and management teams in central London have used my photos in their annual reports. They’re also great for website profiles across several professions, from law to dentistry.

    Headshots are also ideal for marketing material such as printed flyers and business cards, handy to self-employed individuals.

    Is our small London office large enough for corporate headshot photography?

    I am always happy to travel for my clients and do not need a studio setting to make my photographs work well. For headshots, I’ll only need about 2m by 2m of space; however, for group shots, I’ll need considerably more space to accommodate the size of the group. My studio is completely mobile; I do not need electricity as all of my flashes are battery-powered. I have found a way to make headshot photography work even in the smallest office spaces in London and Surrey.

    How many headshots can you photograph per hour?

    Based on an average of five minutes per person, I can photograph up to 12 people in one hour and have done so previously. Working to this speed, I can produce three to four photos per person, though this can be increased with more flexibility on numbers and timescales.

    Which forms of payment do you accept?

    My corporate headshot clients will receive an invoice with the day’s photography session date. We prefer payment via bank transfer.

    What type of equipment do you use?

    Only the best! I regularly update my equipment to keep in line with industry standards, but at the moment, I am using a 50 megapixel Sony A1 with a selection of prime G-Master lenses. Therefore, all of your photos will be large enough for full poster size prints if required.

    My question isn’t listed here.

    I am happy to answer all questions about corporate headshot photography or business photography in general. Please feel free to get in touch via my contact page. I’m looking forward to speaking with you about your corporate headshot photography requirements.

    Can I leave a review afterwards?

    I welcome all feedback, especially for headshot photography London and Surrey; as such, every one of my clients is automatically invited to review my services on the independent portal I’d appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to leave a review, or if you’re browsing, you can check out some reviews from my previous clients. If you’re interested in corporate headshot photography, whether in London, Surrey or the surrounding counties, please get in touch today.