Corporate Video Production for the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers

I’m very proud to announce that I have completed the official corporate video production for one of Britain’s biggest and most active livery companies: The Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers. The production took an entire year as I they commissioned me to film each of their activities. I filmed them during various fund raising events such as the annual golf day, the annual clay pigeon shooting, the annual sky diving event and the annual master installation dinner to only name a few.

I have also created individual videos of each event which the livery company now utilises as marketing material in particular in email and social media campaigns. I have setup are YouTube channel for them where I upload all of their videos.

I’ve spent a whole day at a furniture makers’ college in London. There I filmed and interviewed the next generation of furniture makers. They told me about their aspirations and how the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers is helping them realising their dreams via their extensive education and support programme. Winning one of the prestigious Furniture Makers’ awards is an excellent start in the furnishing industry.

The main corporate video production is built around a narrator (the clerk reading a script off a teleprompter) who I filmed at their HQ in central London. The vast amount of footage enabled me to create an exciting edit which I am personally very proud of.

The video ends with an animation piece including many members’ faces and corporate members’ logos. This corporate video production is now part of their website and it’s being shared on facebook, twitter and other social media. It’s also shown at various events. The goal of this video is to attract new members and to show the general public what the organisation is all about.

Please click here to check out more of my corporate video productions.

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