Event Live Streaming Service

We have added high-end commercial event live streaming to our services since the lockdown in early 2020. We offer bespoke multi-camera solutions for a wide variety of events. Our past clients include some of London’s most prestigious private schools (Prize Giving events, Sports events, religious events, music and theatre events). We have also streamed entire congresses, including breakout sessions.  You can live stream your event directly to your website (player embed) or social media accounts (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. – all at once). Furthermore, we offer two-way Zoom integration for remote speeches and contributions.

– showcase –

African Caribbean Education Network (ACEN) Conference Autumn 2021

  • streamed live to hundreds of remote visitors
  • multi-camera setup in the auditorium
  • individual microphones for each speaker
  • laptop HDMI input for full screen slides
  • reverse shot of audience for Q&A session

Event Live Streaming – how it works

There are multiple ways of delivering your live stream production to your audience. 

  • Video player embed on your website
  • Video player embed on a client page on our website
  • Your social media channels
Event Live Streaming Service for London and the South East

Video player embedded on your site

Our customers typically create custom viewing pages for their websites. The advantages are that they have complete control over the layout and styling of such a page and any online ticket system they want to install.

Video player on a client page

This solution is usually only applicable for small organisations, who either do not have a website or find it difficult to change their website. Examples include local sports clubs, theatre groups, and music bands.

Your social media channels

Generally, large organizations prefer to broadcast their live streams via their own social media channels. This gives the client complete control over the content and privacy settings. We only need the stream key from the client so that we can forward the live video wherever the client wants it to appear. We can deliver the data simultaneously to an unlimited number of channels. 

– showcase –

Theatre Peckham

“The Green Room”

  • streamed live to hundreds of ticket holders
  • multi-camera setup in auditorium
  • individual microphones for each speaker
  • filmed rehearsals in the morning
  • Zoom interview at the end of the show

See Theatre Peckham for more information

Multi-Camera Event Live Stream Productions

We operate our custom-built multi-camera studio-in-a-box setup. We need about 2-3h on location to install up to six video cameras to film your event from various angles. Additionally, we can incorporate pre-recorded material, such as opening animations, remote speeches, and any other video recordings. Such a production will look and feel very similar to what your audience is accustomed to seeing on television.

Secure and reliable connection

To send video data packages to the internet, we use a broadcast-quality transmission system. This system uses four connections bonded together. Any combination of wired, wireless, or mobile data (4G) connections is possible. With a multi-redundant setup, a constant high-bandwidth transmission into the cloud is guaranteed, even if one or more connections should fail.

– showcase –

Annual Price Giving Event

  • streamed live to hundreds of families
  • multi-camera setup in auditorium
  • individual microphones for each speaker
  • music audio feed from in-house mixer

Crystal clear sound

For us, sound is essential. We use only the highest quality wireless microphones in our productions. This ensures that every spoken word is captured clearly. In addition, we are happy to connect any on-location audio source as well, so your online audience has the same experience as your live audience.

Combine with Event Photography / Event Videography

We also offer high-end event photography and event videography. Especially event videography can be easily combined with event live streaming. Have the main sessions streamed live, while an additional camera operator captures great “B-roll footage”. Both the live stream recording and the B-roll footage can be edited into an engaging highlight video after the event.

– showcase –

Breakout Room

  • streamed live to breakout room client’s website
  • single camera setup, minimal footprint on location
  • individual mics with body packs for each speaker
  • quick setup (40min), covering multiple locations

Adding remote speakers

Our team can easily host separate Zoom calls to invite remote speakers to your event. We can display these speakers on our plasma screen or on your venue’s projector. Zoom speakers will be visible full screen in the video stream and on-screen on location.

Let’s talk about your event

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your upcoming event. We understand that every event is unique. We want to find out more about your event live stream requirements. If you would like to live stream a conference, an AGM, a panel discussion, a theatre performance, a sporting event, or an evening reception – we look forward to working with you to produce an event stream your audience will never forget. 

– showcase –

Garden Memorial

  • streamed live to family members around the globe
  • single camera setup, minimal footprint on location
  • single microphone on a stand with a wind muff
  • quick setup (20min), church service streamed too

Kind words from some of our event live streaming clients

Getting in touch

If you are interested in event live streaming or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you,