Event Video Production

Hiring an event video production company in London and Surrey

Video content is an essential weapon in any marketer’s arsenal. Statistics show that 64 per cent of consumers make a purchase after watching branded videos on social media.

In addition, mobile content is universal. It’s great for users to consume on their mobile devices on the go, or to take more time over on a desktop. It captures your event or industry in action, and brings the message to life.

Live Video Streaming

Your videos are yours to keep and look back on forever, whether it’s for a real-time live video streaming marketing presentation or just reliving precious memories. Professional photographs are a great starting point, but there’s something special about watching recorded messages, smiles and laughter, or just a great win for your company.

Professional event video production

With this upward trend in video marketing, anybody with access to a smartphone thinks they can do it. However, for a truly polished, professional product, mobile footage simply won’t do. There are multiple factors, from crisp audio to sharper images, multiple camera angles and editing. This is the shop window for your brand, so it needs to be professional.

Exhibition Video Production

KI is one of the leading office and school furniture designers worldwide. With their European headquarter situated in central London they cannot miss the prestigious Clerkenwell Design Week.

They hired my for a two-day shoot (photography and videography) to capture the products and atmosphere at their exhibition.

Event video production

Whatever your event is, there are many good reasons to capture it on video and streaming it live via YouTube and Facebook. I mostly film corporate events such as panel discussions and presentations but also privage events such as weddings and even funerals. Live video streaming can be extremely useful when your audience cannot be physically present at your event but you still would like them to witness it in real-time.

Full speeches

Some events, such as fundraisers, don’t need the video cameras on the whole time. Nobody likes to be filmed when they’re eating! Formal speeches, such as an after-dinner speaker, can be a great way to sum up the feel of the evening.

These speeches usually come with their own audio setup, but it makes the final clip more engaging to shoot from wide and narrow angles. In post-production, we can edit this down into a bitesize clip for your company’s social media.

Discussion panels

With a wider range of speakers, discussion panels really lend themselves to multicam fill-ins. This means we can shoot from a range of perspectives, taking in the whole panel or zooming in on individual speakers. Discussion panels are also great to live stream over YouTube to reach an even greater audience.

Panel Discussion Video Production

Salon QP (The Telegraph) is one of the leading watch and lifestyle magazines in the UK and US. With the vintage watch market becoming evermore popular they hired me to develop and film their first ever Vintage Watch Panel. They invited three distinguished vintage watch experts to discuss some of the most current issues and developments. I decided to film this session with five cameras to have maximum flexibility in post-production.

The actual filming took less than an hour. The final edit was completed within just one week.

Interviews and soundbites

Interviews with key figures in your industry are great to demonstrate your company’s expertise or passion for a particular cause. These can be focused solely on the interviewee, or a back and forth to put the spotlight on both participants.

We’d use equipment such as wireless lav mics here. You may have seen these on live television shows. They’re discreet pieces usually attached around the waist and clipped under the collar. They’re much less imposing than a vox pop street-style interview, and give the final video a more professional feel.

Video Production Surrey Video Highlights

Whether you’re pushing a new product or just celebrating a prosperous year in business, highlight reels are a great way to sum this up. With highlight videos, it’s all in the editing. These may involve splicing together various pieces of footage with a musical overlay, or adding in still images.

We can also play with captions, interviews or effects to make your brand stand out. These quick montages are ideal for social media and easily shareable online.

Party Video Production

Celebrity-style birthday videography. Three cameras to capture this incredibly glamours night at the Robert Denholm House including speeches, dances and a six minute firework display. The brief also included a longer edit for the family including all entire speeches.

Slideshow integration

If your presentation includes slides they should be included in your video as well, so your video-audience has the same experience as your real-life audience. I can integrate slideshow images and statistics into your event video production. I regularly create infographics for my product photography, so this is simply another trick in the editing studio. When I live stream events over YouTube and Facebook I can fade presentation slides in and out and even use a technique called ‘picture in picture’, which displays a smaller video window of the speaker in one of the corners of the slides. Alternatively, I can output the slide and speaker side-by-side.

Funeral Video Link

There may be many reasons why friends and family cannot be physically present at a funeral. A private live video stream (video link) via YouTube, Facebook, Skype or Zoom can serve as an alternative, allowing you to follow a funeral ceremony remotely. I’m based in Guildford and film funerals all round Surrey, London and the surrounding counties. Please get in touch to discuss.

Product Presentation Video Production

I frequently film events like product presentations and panel discussions. I often use multiple camera setups (3 cameras in this case) which gives me more options during the edit. I always use wireless clip-on microphones for each speaker to make sure they sound as clear on my video productions as they would sound on a BBC talk show.

This one-hour event was edited and uploaded the next day.

Event video production London and Surrey

When you sign up for an event video package, we’ll go through a few event video examples and choose a layout that works for you. We’ll discuss everything from the tone of the event to the technical side – everything from music to microphones, health and safety and number of cameras.

Take a look at my event video portfolio to see how we can bring your celebration to life. Whatever your setting, my team and I will provide premium quality equipment without disrupting the show. Everything can be edited and delivered to you within 48 hours.

Get in touch

Every event is unique. That’s what makes it so fun. My goal is to capture your memories or your marketing message and present it in a crisp, professional final product.

I’m based in Guildford, Surrey, but can provide event videography in London, Sussex, Hampshire and more. Depending on the size of your event, there may be one or more assistants, but the product does not change.

It’s your event, and there’s only one chance to get it right. That’s my promise.

Get in touch with me today to discuss your ideas.

Fund Raiser Video Production

Event video production for London-based livery company. The Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers commissioned me to create this video of their annual golf day fund raising event.

The event was five hours long and I filmed about one hour of footage.

The edit was completed the next day.