Maternity Photography 1

Maternity Photography

One of my favourite jobs as photographer is maternity photography (baby belly photography). In contrast to say wedding photography I don’t have to think about timing and capturing the right moment when taking baby belly photos. But – similar to wedding photography – I try to tell stories through my maternity photography.

One of my latest maternity photography clients was Claire. Claire is eight months pregnant which is the ideal moment for baby belly photography. At this moment the belly has usually passed the chest line (which looks beautiful!) but the mothers-to-be are still mobile and strong enough for a 2h photo session.

Before we started the shoot Claire and I sat down and agreed on a list of shots we wanted to cover in this maternity photography shoot.

We started with one of my favourite setups: the silhouette! I asked Claire to stand in front of a giant soft box flash. Taking a photo of her standing in front of this flash creates a perfect black and white contrast with incredible detail such as hair and even eye lashes. In my opinion a good silhouette picture should be part of any maternity photography.

I asked Claire to stand in front of a black photo backdrop facing a different soft box flash at a slight angle. I asked her to look at her belly as if she was talking to her baby. When she closed her eyes I could really see the connection between mother and child. All that was left for me to do was to take the shot.

My assistant and me wrapped Claire in a big piece of white fabric which made her look like an ancient goddess.

At the end of the session I asked Claire to lay down on a white bed sheet. Her mother (the baby’s grandmother) had knitted a pair of cute lovely boots, which we placed on Claire’s baby belly.

Capturing the connection between mother and child and telling stories with my photographs is what I like most about maternity photography. Claire emailed me the next day that her husband and herself love my work and that they ‘will treasure these pictures forever’.

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