Surrey Photo Studio

Surrey Photo Studio

During the last couple of months I have heavily invested in my mobile photo studio. I now have various large backdrops (almost 3m wide) and a whole array of professional flashes (with softboxes and umbrellas). This mobile photo studio fits in just four big bags and it takes about 20minutes to set up. I have used it at private events in hotels and congress centres but I also use it a lot for family shoots.

A photo studio in a bag

Renting a local town hall or community centre is convenient and inexpensive. For example three weeks ago I hired one of the rooms of the Spike community centre in Guildford for a session with Laura and her family. Laura has two grown up children who were both accompanied by their partners.

We started with individual portraits of everyone. Laura wanted headshots and full body shots of each of the six. Photographing whole body photos is quite different from shooting headshots– it’s not just the facial expression that has to be good, it’s the whole posture and body language of the subject that need to be convincing.

It has becoming more and more my signature photography style to shoot fun and relaxed photos. I like photos with people laughing and enjoying themselves naturally. I don’t like staged photos in which families look like wax dolls. I would never ask my clients to ‘say cheese’. It’s my goal to make the session as fun and relaxed as possible. I get the best photos if my clients don’t feel like they need to do anything specifically (they don’t need to ‘perform’ a smile) but instead they can simply be who they are in front of the camera.

Let’s have fun!

As much as photography can be technical (which it is!) it’s the psychological aspect of making people feel comfortable that creates meaningful pictures.

When I was done photographing each individual we moved to couple shots and lastly the family shots. Fitting six people on the backdrop of my mobile photo studio is no problem at all.

Renting rooms when and where I need them allows me to accommodate my clients’ schedule and location while keeping the overheads (and session fees) to a minimum. However in future I hope to expand my business from this mobile photo studio solution to a permanent photo studio in Guildford.

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