Food Photography Surrey and London

Every professional food photographer has a few tricks up his or her sleeve. For instance, I will use light to my advantage to make the food look fresh and appetising, and indeed there is the chance for me to get creative! This could involve sprayed water, fake steam or even glycerine, and of course, the photos can be enhanced even further in post-production for that mouth-watering effect.

Before every shoot I will ask my clients what kind of background surface or table they would like their food to sit on, and the type of material upon which they would like their food to be placed. If necessary, I can also purchase props such as table tops to make sure the final image looks as professional as possible.

I’ve picked up a few tricks over my time doing photo shoots in restaurants, hotels, private chefs’ kitchens and catering companies. For example, for layered dishes such as lasagne, I shoot from a low angle to encompass all the layers, whilst for soups I would recommend a high or even bird’s eye view to capture as much as possible. Finally, a few fresh ingredients alongside the dish always complement any food photography.

Often my clients book me for a combined photoshoot of food, staff portraits and venue shots.