The Black Bison Guildford | Food Photography 5

The Black Bison Guildford

Last week I have done a new food photography job for  ‘The Black Bison’ an exceptionally good bar and restaurant in Guildford. The current owner Richard bought the restaurant about a year ago and completely rebranded it.

Food photography is a lot different to my usual jobs such as wedding photography or portrait photography. The main goal is to make the food look delicious; it’s not about the moment – food obviously doesn’t move.

The decoration is very important in food photography. The manager briefed me to create a very home-like, warm, and comfortable mood – just what you feel when you enter the bar/restaurant. The chimney is on, the beer is chilled, football on TV, and that delicious smell coming out of the kitchen. The cooking team provided me with a big basket full of colourful fresh vegetables, which I placed around the food to make it look like it’s served in the kitchen.

We started with a classic: Burger! However not just your usual Pub Burger; this is a real Bison Burger. Richard explained to me that he imports Bison meat from Argentina. It arrives vacuum-packed and tastes a lot more intense than British beef. I must admit that the smell was so good that it was almost distracting me from doing my work 🙂

The next dish was Fish and Chips; but again not your typical pub version. Have a look at the photo to the right. I find it quite creative how the fish and the chips are layered. And instead of pies or mashed pies, The Black Bison is serving fresh coleslaw as a side dish.

As the kitchen staff brought new dishes to the set about every 20min the delicious smell slowly made me very hungry. After photographing various meat and seafood dishes we arrived at the desert. The desert had ice cream in it, which meant I had to be rather quick with my food photography.

The very last dish was the seafood platter, which indeed was as delicious as it looks on the photo. After my job was done the manager offered me to eat the platter – the best seafood dish I’ve ever eaten before!

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