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Greenwood Fine Dining

Greenwood Fine Dining
Greenwood Fine Dining

I had a very exciting day today – my first ever food photography job! I was commissioned by gourmet chef Helen Nixon to take pictures of her exquisite work for her new website Helen has a career of working in some of the finest restaurants London has to offer. Seeing her in action was very impressive I have to say.

Food photography is quite a bit different from other product photography. The decoration is very important, fresh ingredients or original utensils can serve as beautiful probs. Also, lighting the scene for food photography is different as soft light from behind the dishes nicely reflects on the food’s surface giving it a delicious appearance. I tried to give each photo an individual look. I used three different tables (glass, wood, and metal). I took many photos of each dish from different angles to make absolutely sure I’m not missing anything. Helen very much appreciated having a choice during the photo development process.

Helen chose drinks matching the food in order to make each photo look like it has just been served and is ready to eat. On some shots, I sprayed additional hot water or oil on the food to give it a crispier look

Helen prepared several starters, main courses, and deserts. In order to get the best look, everything was prepared fresh and steaming hot. Each course was tastefully presented. Some dishes actually look more like art to me rather than something to eat. I’ve never worked anywhere else before where there was such a delicious smell in the studio!

We concluded the shoot with a few original flambé shots – Helen set a few of her creations on fire. One meter high flames in the kitchen!

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