My personal review of

A personal review of

I had an interesting meeting with a representative of This blog post is not a review of but rather my personal impression.

On the phone the friendly guy introduced himself has someone from a local well-known wedding venue – by that time he had not mentioned yet. He said they are currently revamping their website and are looking for local suppliers for their new ‘preferred suppliers’ section.

He welcomed me at the venue and showed me around – and impressive site I must admit. At this time I still believed I was talking to somebody from the venue. During the meeting he explained that he is in the process of developing a ‘one-stop planning tool for brides’ e.g. a site where brides can find local, trusted suppliers in one place. I asked him if he was an external marketing professional and he said he is actually a video producer creating high-end videos for wedding venues. This was the first time he mentioned

He showed me his work for Stapleford Park and Chaucer Barn.

Underneath the video you can see a carousel-type banner with about 20 local suppliers. If you click on an icon you can see more details about that supplier including contact details. Then he said ‘there’s of course a cost involved’. Something new to me when it comes to preferred suppliers. A two-year enrolment costs ¬£1544 – according to him a ‘great investment’ of course. Something ‘you will earn back with just one wedding’. I said that I admired his clever marketing of selling a video¬†and the advertising space underneath to which he answered ‘we fund the video production with the listings below it’. In other words: the suppliers in the banner pay for the video. Which venue would say no to a free video?


I have done my own due diligence and I’ve decided not to buy into this programme. Rather than writing a review of and telling you the story of my findings I’d like you to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What’s the exact nature of the relationship you will have with the venue (not with!)?
  • Where in the contract does it specifically say that you will become a ‘preferred supplier’?
  • Have you been in touch with the two venues above to ask them for their official preferred suppliers list?
  • How many of the suppliers in the banner below the video are actually on the official preferred supplier list from the venue?
  • Is it common practice to pay for such a relationship at all? Isn’t recommendations a two-way street (you list them as ‘preferred venue’ in return)?
  • Did he introduce himself to you as someone from the venue or as someone from Were you aware from the start that he is working for an external supplier? Does the venue know how he introduced himself to you?
  • Does the venue have other videos or even their own YouTube channel ( How prominent is the video (and the little banner underneath) featured on the websites of these venues? How likely do you think it is that brides will see the banner as a helpful ‘planning tool’ rather than common banner advertising?
  • Have you been in touch with current advertisers? How is this listing working for them? Is it a ‘great investment’ and have they earned ‘it back in just one wedding’?
My personal review of

I personally have learned a lot about marketing during this one-hour meeting with I believe I have the duty to share the questions that I had so that you can answer them for yourself as well before committing.

Feel free to leave any thoughts in the comments below.