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Funeral Live Streaming

Based in Surrey, serving London, Kent, Sussex, Berkshire, Hampshire, and the South East.

Funeral live streaming may sound unusual at first, but it’s actually becoming very popular, especially now during the COVID-19 lockdown period. As a funeral videographer based in Surrey, I’ve worked with many families who want to video live stream the funeral of their loved ones in a unique style.

funeral live streaming

Funeral Live Streaming Package

Ideal for Churches, Crematoriums, and Gravesides, etc.


  • On location about 1h before the start of funeral
  • Streaming begins about 15min before the service begins giving all remote attendees the chance to check their devices and connections.
  • Private Link, no need to install any software
  • Unlimited funeral live stream viewers.
  • Recorded live stream available online indefinitely, easy download function for your personal archive
  • Streamed via the mobile 4G network (no internet on location required)
  • Filmed/Streamed with three broadcast-quality cameras (two camera angles, live switching)
  • Professional lapel microphones for all speakers to ensure clear speech recording
  • Room microphones for hymns and music
  • Integration of on-location AV system (clean signal of videos, slideshows, etc projected during the ceremony)
  • Customised closing and opening titles (still frame, for example, the name and a photo of the deceased)
  • Based in Surrey. Reasonable travel costs included
  • Please use the form to check availability
  • VAT already included


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Why funeral videography and live streaming?

We are all different, and family celebrations give us a chance to express ourselves. Whether it’s the wish of a loved one or a new way of celebrating that person’s life, a film, whether streamed live or video filmed can bring comfort to families.

Of course, every service is different, and it’s my job to be respectful of your needs. If you would like a quiet, dignified memory of your loved one’s final moments on this earth, my funeral videography packages can capture this. We’ll discuss your needs, and what your loved one would have wanted, in our initial consultation. I offer funeral live streaming, funeral videography (an edited video), funeral photographer, or a mix of these.

Funeral videography

I’ve filmed and live-streamed all sorts of gatherings, from weddings to birthdays and funerals. While they are without question a deeply emotional time, they don’t always have to be sad occasions. In fact, many people specify that they want their service to be a celebration of their life – with love and laughter. These gatherings serve as a fitting tribute to those who were so full of life when they were with us.

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The benefits of funeral live streaming

Another option that is gaining popularity is funeral video live streaming. Again, this may sound strange, but it’s a modern-day solution to the many issues that large family gatherings face. For example, you may have elderly relatives who cannot travel the distance to attend the ceremony. Others may have to travel from abroad, or in cases of unexpected loss, the timing may simply not be right.

Whatever the reason, a video live stream gives your loved one’s nearest and dearest the chance to be there from afar. Everything is set up over a secure video connection, and the viewer can watch the ceremony from any device including PCs and Laptops and all handheld devices like a smartphone or tablet. Once the service has taken place, the funeral live stream can be watched back at a later date for those who have missed it or to help you recount those memories once again.

I’m based in Guildford, Surrey but I’m more than happy to travel to your location in Kent, Sussex, Berkshire, Hampshire or anywhere in London.

A short demo video of a recent funeral in Epsom during the COVID-19 outbreak.

What does funeral live streaming generally capture?

Typically I start the funeral live stream about 15min before the service. I film with two cameras which are mounted on tripods. All my gear will be in one location throughout the service. I’m not moving around to avoid any disturbance. One camera is equipped with a long zoom lens to get a good close-medium shot of the speaker/celebrant, while the second camera employs a wider angle to capture more of the room or the graveside.

I offer all my clients the chance to combine funeral live streaming with funeral photography or videography (an edited film). The still images can be used as part of the video, for example in a slideshow format, or in a separate album. I’ll use the stills as a chance to capture the visual memory of your loved one. This may be floral arrangements or any tributes and keepsakes you have presented for them.

A combination of funeral photography and funeral live streaming

For moving images, especially the funeral live streaming, I focus on the key moments in the ceremony. This may start with the entry of the hearse or the guests walking into the venue. Funeral live streaming generally takes place inside the venue or directly at the grave with a still camera positioned subtly out of the way. You may even want to consider some short clips of guests chatting afterward, laying flowers, or recounting memories.

These videos are a great comfort to you and your family. They may also bring back memories, whether these are speeches during the service or just old faces you’ve not seen for years.

funeral videography and photography

Capturing the day with dignity

With my years of experience as a videographer, I know how to blend into the background. In the industry, we call this “reportage” videography. It means the cameraperson takes natural footage without anybody even noticing them. These help to maintain a dignified, sensitive approach to the day and will not disturb those in distress.

How does the funeral live streaming process work?

We’ll start with a consultation over the phone, WhatsApp or Skype. Here you can tell me the details of the service, the venue, and what your loved one would have wanted. I may also ask you for details of your celebrant. Then I can contact them directly to discuss the venue – for example, audio and video setup, as well as internet connectivity (4G coverage) for live streaming.

Photography Add-On

Beautiful, timeless, respectful

  • shot on ‘no-click’ professional digital cameras. Silent shutter, no obtrusion
  • 40 final edited photos
  • Black and White versions if preferred
  • Digital download
  • All usage rights


On the day of the funeral

Before the funeral typically arrive about an hour to set up and to get myself acquainted with the location. I will ask the celebrant to wear a wireless microphone of TV-quality audio broadcast. I also set up a tiny microphone on the lectern to capture any additional speaker. In order to cover the ceremony beautifully, I typically bring two video cameras, one wide-angle and one to zoom in on the speaker. With the help of a little video mixer I can seamlessly switch between both angles. Your funeral video live stream will start and end with a still frame including the name (and photo if you like) and funeral date of the deceased. Only people with the password will be able to watch the funeral video stream.

Accessing the funeral video live stream

Before the funeral, I will send you a password-protected link that you can share with all guests who cannot physically be present. On the website, there will be a video window ready for the live stream. There is no limit to the number of people who can watch it at the same time. Also, the funeral live stream will work on practically any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Watching the video after the funeral

After the funeral – usually on the same day – I will replace the live stream window with a video player of the recorded funeral live stream. The link and password which you have sent out will remain the same. The funeral live stream video will remain online indefinitely but you are more than welcome to save a copy at no charge for your personal archive.

live broadcasting of a funeral
live broadcasting of a funeral in surrey
live broadcasting of a funeral in south London

Call me for a no-obligation discussion

I’m always happy to discuss your individual requirements. I generally operate in the Surrey and London areas but can travel reasonable distances if needed. I also appreciate that funerals may have quick turnaround times, so I try to be as flexible as possible.

When we lose a loved one, we know they are never truly gone. Contact me for funeral live streaming services, and we’ll preserve their memory together.

My number is 07939 292839. You can also reach me on WhatsApp here or via email moritz@schmittat.uk