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Funeral Photographer

Many of my photography projects involve large family gatherings and celebrations. As a Surrey funeral photographer, I’m often asked if this is a common form of professional photography. I can tell you first-hand that it is gaining in popularity as technology advances.

Of course, funeral photography shoots require a certain degree of sensitivity. I treat every project with the same sensitivity and professionalism as I would a wedding, lifestyle or product shoot. The client’s needs are always a top priority – and we can discuss these in the initial consultation.

Why choose a funeral photographer?

People hire funeral videographers and photographers for a number of reasons. In some cases, the loss is sudden and unexpected, which means certain family members cannot attend the service. Others may need to travel by air, which makes logistics that much more difficult. Most often, however, my clients would simply like to have beautiful, respectful and memorable photographs of their loved one’s funeral to help remember them.

Capturing special moments as a funeral photographer

A funeral is, without question, one of the toughest experiences any family can go through. But it’s also a celebration of a loved one’s life – a chance to recount precious memories, remind others of this person’s achievements, and the legacy they left behind.

A funeral photographer can help to capture these moments, from documenting just how many people attended, to filming speakers discussing their personal memories.

Fitting tributes

While all black may be a common theme, funerals can also be such colourful occasions – whether that’s capturing floral arrangements or smiles as families reunite. You and your family may have put together a special tribute for your loved one, such as a photo album or a personal memento.

All of these can be captured together in one album, giving you a comprehensive look back through your loved one’s life. If you wish, you may also want to consider printing the finalised shots and sending them out to those who could not attend the ceremony.

Sensitive, non-intrusive funeral photography

As a wedding and funeral photographer, I’m trained in what’s known as “reportage” photography. This essentially means that the photographer has no interaction with those attending the event. He or she blends into the background, using a mixture of subtle movements and innovative camera lenses to capture every shot beautifully.

This is ideal for the most poignant moments of the event, from the arrival of the hearse to the final goodbyes. A prudent photographer will fade into the background, and offer a range of video and audio equipment to capture the scene. Looking back, this is your chance to remember those you lost through their favourite songs, flowers or photographs.

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    Will people judge me for hiring a funeral photographer?

    In an age where smartphones can make anyone a photographer, we can capture every kind of emotion. As the organiser of the funeral, it is your decision as to how you want your loved one to be remembered. For many, photographs and videos serve as a comfort. They showcase just how many people attended, and give family members an insight into that person’s life.

    These photographs inspire questions and stories. Imagine the tales you could tell from spotting an unknown guest in a photo. These could be a gateway into a whole lifetime of memories that you never even knew existed.

    Live streaming may seem a little futuristic for some, but it’s a very moving way of connecting with the loved one if certain people cannot attend the funeral. Viewers can watch poetry readings, laugh at old memories, and listen to hymns from anywhere. It will also offer comfort to the organisers, knowing that everybody could be a part of the experience. This footage is also accessible to watch after the event, giving you the chance to relive the celebration once again. Please click here to find out more.

    Surrey Funeral Photography

    How does the hiring process work?

    When it comes to weddings, everything is planned months in advance. We don’t have this convenience with funerals, but I’m always willing to be flexible, and factor in travel costs for all projects. I generally work within the Surrey and London areas, but please don’t be afraid to ask if your event takes place further afield.

    Your funeral photography requirements

    Again, as we’re pushed for time, I’m happy to chat sensitively over the phone, Whatsapp, or email. We’ll discuss how you want your loved one to be portrayed, any music you may want adding to the videos, the service itself, and any particular areas of focus for your photos.

    Planning the service

    When the day comes, I’ll be there an hour before to set up. Photography is turned around within 24 hours, while videos should take no longer than a week with editing. You’ll receive the best set of photographs, capturing the memory of the one you love, and those who attended to send them off.

    If you’re looking for a unique way to capture the memory, ask me about funeral photography in Surrey today.