London Wedding Photographer

As a south London wedding photographer, I’m fortunate to have connections to many nearby wedding hotspots. With our beautiful capital city just around the corner from my hometown in Guildford, I’ve been proud to call myself a south London wedding photographer many times. From epic venues to riverboat cruises, there truly is something for every kind of wedding in London.

Stunning sunset images created by south London wedding photographer Moritz Schmittat
Stunning sunset images created by south London wedding photographer Moritz Schmittat

Why choose London for a wedding?

I’ve got a huge catalogue of reasons for why couples may want to choose a London wedding venue. Many of them reside within my blogs! From the imposing high ceilings of opulent hotels through to iconic architecture such as the Houses of Parliament, the photography opportunities are boundless for weddings in London.

A whole spectrum of wedding venues

Above all the beauty of choosing London for your wedding is that is there is such a breadth of choice. I myself have had the pleasure of being the wedding photographer at ceremonies in art galleries, along the River Thames, and even at tourist attractions while they were still open to the public!

Photography for your perfect London Wedding

It’s not just the weddings either. London is home to eight royal parks, which make an ideal setting in the run-up to the big day. If you’re looking for a London engagement shoot, for example, Regents Park is a stunning setting. For example we might picture the awe-inspiring skyline when we first think of London, but it’s easy to forget that there’s so much greenery too.

A simple stroll in Green Park could turn into an impromptu shoot outside Buckingham Palace, for example! Next time you’re visiting the capital, be sure to take a look at the royal parks. From the grandeur of Hyde Park to further afield like Bushy Park near Hampton Court Palace, there’s a whole lot of choice for photographing your special moments.

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    London wedding venues: celebrating all beliefs

    London is home to an incredibly broad scope of cultures, religions and ethnicities. In the 2011 Census, London was identified as the home to 8.2 million people who hailed from 50 different countries, and belonged to the Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jewish, Sikh and other faiths.

    This has given rise to a hugely diverse range of wedding venues across London, which can cater for all different faiths. In London alone I have had the privilege of photographing brides and grooms from Arab, British, Caribbean, Chinese, Italian and Spanish backgrounds, each of whom celebrated with their own nods to their culture.

    Since 2005, the UK has also seen more than 100,000 civil partnerships, with many of these great unions taking place in London venues. As one of the world’s most cosmopolitan, progressive and modern cities, London truly does have something for everybody’s taste, and I am proud to call myself a London wedding photographer.

    Staying connected

    One of the biggest challenges of organising any wedding is getting the whole family together at the same time. Whatever size your wedding party, you know how important it is to get the ones you love to your big day, even if they have to get on a plane! I have photographed enough London weddings to know how special it is when we have all our family and friends in one place. No bride or groom wants to look back on their wedding photographs and lament the absence of a loved one.

    Thankfully, London is one of the best-connected cities on the planet. In 2015, London was ranked number one on the Global Power City index for its connectivity with the outside world. And rightly so: The Capital is home to six international airports, while guests can easily make connections from Perth to Penzance. London’s mainline stations connect guests to Wales and Scotland without ever having to change trains, while major cities such as Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham are all accessible in under three hours. The A1, M3, M4 and M20 all lead into London’s orbital M25, making The Capital easily accessible from any corner of the country.

    Nothing says icon like London

    Some of my happiest memories as a London wedding photographer take me back to all the famous London icons. I lose count of how many famous Routemaster red buses I’ve had the joy of photographing. From the Monopoly board hotspot of Islington to performing arts centre The Barbican, the famous red bus is a gorgeous backdrop for wedding photography, and a very cool way to travel!

    Of course, the equally emblematic London red telephone box is also a choice backdrop for wedding photographers, as are black cabs for newlyweds! The former even made an appearance at a Sussex wedding venue I photographed, which is always fun when hundreds of people try to cram inside.

    Book your South London wedding photographer today

    Whether you want to stroll around London’s royal parks or simply pose outside some of the city’s most famous monuments, I cannot recommend London as a wedding venue enough. With so much history, culture, connectivity and choice, there’s a big day waiting to happen for people of all relationships and faiths.

    Get in touch with me today to book your London wedding or engagement shoot. We can sit down together and go through some of my personal favourite venues, or you could perhaps introduce me to something new! In conclusion, London is a city that I will never tire of photographing, so I am always open to new ideas and challenges.

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