Body Do Good – Posture Corrector

With so many of us suffering back pain from computer jobs, it’s no surprise that the Body Do Good posture corrector is such a hit!

I was asked to take some product shots and produce infographics.

Positioning the posture corrector

This was a tricky product to photograph in 3D. I had to suspend it on strings to display it fully! I edited these out later in Photoshop. I would use these white-background shots to annotate for the infographics.

Lifestyle photography

I hired a local amateur model to wear the posture corrector. The client also wanted a male model, so I stepped in! We were both photographed in white initially, but the client wanted more colours, so I edited the images in post-production.

I made sure I zoomed in on the finer details too, such as the adjustable straps. These will help to highlight the posture corrector’s USPs on Amazon – it’s a very competitive product at the moment!

If you’re looking for somebody to photography your product, please contact me today.

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