Chemistry Molecular Model Kit

Colourful AND educational – this chemistry set was great fun to photograph! With 239 pieces to shoot, and the help of my two young sons to pose, you’d think we’d have made a mess. Thankfully, the project went ahead without a hitch, and the photos are now being used on Amazon.

Design and editing

I’ve been doing a lot more infographics recently, so I got to use my design skills to put together promotional material outlining the features of each item.

I also took some lifestyle shots. My two boys were more than happy to be models for the chemistry set – they got stuck in to all the different pieces! I edited captions over these photos to highlight the product’s USPs.

Different display methods

I arranged the chemistry set box in different ways to show all the pieces in one place. I also zoomed in so that I could add annotations to the material later. It was great fun to play with all these props – my children would agree!

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