Amazon Product Photography including lifestyle shots

Fok Plastic

I was thrilled to be asked to work on a very exciting upcoming project for Fok – Free of Killer Plastic. With the increasing media coverage and concern about plastic in our oceans, more and more plastic alternatives are emerging.

Lifestyle shots for Fok environmentally friendly products

I started my shoot with some “yummy photos” of the plastic-free straws in situ. This gave them a bit of colour and also allowed me to photograph the branding alongside the product.

I moved on to some cleaner product shots, zooming in on the monochromatic details and the packaging.

Infographic work

To highlight product features such as diameter and length, I also created some infographics. These will be used in marketing material and on ecommerce websites like Amazon. I positioned zoomed-in images of the straws next to the packaging, where I could annotate them with details later.

It’s great to see more and more products like this – I’m honoured to have helped bring them to life! If you’re looking for commercial photography, please contact me today.

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