Measuring Cups Product Photography

Measuring Cups

I often get asked to shoot household items and this set of measuring cups and spoons was one of them. I was impressed by the high quality of the product and the attention to detail the designers have put into it.

As a brief the marketing team had assembled a set of pictures for me to recreate. These pictures included product images on white background with and without ingredients, ‘family shots’ for several products aesthetically aligned and a whole range of lifestyle shots in the kitchen showing the product being used in a cooking and baking context.  We agreed on a budget for me to spend on probs (fruits, vegetables etc) which I bought a day before the shoot. The client also imported a couple of US products (flour, spices) to make the lifestyle images look more American.

The marketing team asked me to not only send them high resolution JPEGs but also my original photoshop files for their package design which I was happy to provide. I’m proud to have received yet another five star review.

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