Myste Bin Liners

The team at Myste asked me to help them with a kitchen bag photography project. The shots would serve to highlight the product’s features, used in an ecommerce setting on Amazon.

Design and photography

In addition to photographing the bags with the packaging, I’d also have to incorporate my design skills. I’ve been enjoying creating infographics, so it was fun to add labels to the images, watching the bags in action.

I also needed to keep to the branding, so I used bright green as part of the labels.

Lifestyle shots

While the close-ups highlighted the features, such as the bins with which they were compatible, I also needed some lifestyle photographs. Luckily, I had a budding little actor on hand to show the bags being used in a bin.

I enjoyed experimenting with the different functions and features on this kitchen bag photography project. I’m pleased to say all the shots have been used on Amazon.

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