NBS Javelin
Green Screen Product Video

It is already common knowledge in the marketing sector that online video is the most cost-effective form of advertising. Hosting videos online is virtually for free (YouTube or Vimeo) and producing them is extremely inexpensive. 85% of online customers are actively looking for videos on any site they visit. Amazon is heavily embracing video including video reviews. Research has shown that sites with well-produced online videos have an up to 12 times higher conversion rate than sites without video. Online video engages customers on an emotional level – and ultimately drives up sales.

I have recently completed a complex green screen online video production for the Canadian company NBS Technologies. I have filmed their latest product in their UK branch in Slyfield Industrial Estate in Guildford. I have a complete mobile green screen kit, which I set up in their meeting room. I wrapped an additional piece of green cloth around a product turntable on which I placed the product (please have a look at the set photo to the right). It took five hours to film the device from all angles and with/without all accessories attached. One of the back office ladies was so kind to assist me in the role of a hand model.

The post-production of this video took four working days. I filmed all footage in RAW format, which means each individual frame (there are 25 per second) is recorded as a high definition photo. This technique made the editing process quite data-heavy but I am very satisfied with the result: a crisp and sharp image with vibrant colours and high contrast.

I also brought my special product photography table and several studio flashes to the set in order to take professional product photos after the filming was completed. I delivered these high-resolution images together with the video just one week after the shoot.

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