Lifestyle Product Photography

Lifestyle Product Photography for
Simply Supplements

The beauty of commercial photography is that is affords me so many options – location, product, photography style and more. Within this branch of my services, I’m particularly fond of lifestyle product photography, which gives me a chance to “bring the product to life” by arranging it in true-to-life scenarios.

Lifestyle product photography – mobile studio

Working for food supplement brand Simply Supplements, I got the chance to be truly creative – I brought my mobile studio along to work both outdoors in natural environments and indoors on pre-crafted sets. The company provide all sorts of vitamins and minerals for general wellbeing using natural ingredients, so we had to make the most of Mother Nature’s resources to capture that truly organic brand sentiment.

The project took four days in total, two of which were spent in the kitchen, one in an office, bathroom and gym, and one outside. I worked alongside Simply Supplements’ Marketing Manager, and there was a real sense of teamwork and camaraderie as we worked with his staff to capture all the elements of the brand.

Setting up products for commercial shooting

We wanted the shoot to reflect the scenario in which the product would be used, so for example, we placed vitamins alongside food products in the kitchen, whilst glucosamine tablets were positioned in a fitness setting. Each product would be complemented by its natural ingredients – jasmine oil was photographed alongside the jasmine flower, for example. This gave us a real opportunity to play with different colours and camera settings.
I used long lenses to really focus on the product, often as much as 200mm. When you have something as small as a bunch of raspberries upon which to focus, you cannot afford to miss any details. As standard with my mobile studio, I brought three battery-powered softbox flashes.

Tethered shooting

It was certainly a shared effort between me and the whole Simply Supplements team as we spent four days preparing sets and moving products around. We had to guarantee a detailed composition and make sure everything had its place in the picture.

With lifestyle product photography, quick turnarounds are essential, which is why this was a “tethered shooting” project. This means that each photograph is instantly transferred to the laptop after shooting, allowing the client to provide feedback straight away. The Simply Supplements team were very forthcoming in their comments and we were able to capture their brand appropriately using the tools in my mobile studio.

I had a great time working indoors and outdoors to photograph this multi-faceted brand, and look forward to more lifestyle product photography shoots like this in the future.

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