Mosquito repellent Bracelet sold on Amazon

Vacker Design – Mosquito Bracelets

Here’s a product that will come in useful this summer – the Vacker mosquito bracelet! I was tasked with some product and lifestyle shots to be used in their marketing materials.

Mosquito bracelet infographics

Available in two colours, I knew the bracelets would look great on an infographic. I positioned the pink and black versions together and photographed them alongside the packaging.

Then, I would annotate them with the product USPs, using both wider and close-up shots. I also sourced some stock images of their ingredients and shaped these into oval labels alongside the bracelets.

Lifestyle shots

I had two little champions helping me out with my lifestyle shots! We needed to demonstrate how they could be used in all outdoor situations, so the boys were only too happy to pose with footballs and the like.

I added further annotations to these photos, ready to be used for product brochures. They’ll be going on my holiday shopping list this summer!

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