Vacker Design – Storage Boxes

Another product to add to my collection of Vacker products was their storage boxes. These handy little items have a multitude of uses, so it was fun to arrange them with props!

Storage boxes infographics

Size matters for an item of this type! I started by photographing them empty and then annotating them with measurements for the infographics. Next up, I added labels highlighting their USPs, including assembly instructions.

Lifestyle photographs and labeling

Next came the fun part – props! I filled them with typically “male” items such as ties and “female” items like purses, then baby and office items. We also wanted to demonstrate how they could be used anywhere, so I photographed them in situ and added labels.

The final touch for the infographic was all four “demographics”. I lined up the men’s, women’s, office and baby use in a square to be used on their e-commerce thumbnails.

They are now available on Amazon.

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