Walero Racing Product Photography

Walero Racing Clothing

Working with Walero race clothing was a very exciting experience for me. This was a big project, putting together an all-day lifestyle and portrait shoot on location with the brand ambassadors.

Who are Walero?

Walero are a race clothing retailer who produce base layer clothing with innovative technology. Their products are designed using Outlast® technology, which was developed by NASA. They cater for sportspersons in the motorsports industry, providing a protective, heat-regulating underlayer.

Working with the brand ambassadors

As part of my photography project, I got to work alongside some of the brand’s ambassadors – a very inspiring bunch! They range from British Touring Car champions to NASCAR drivers, F1 drivers and much more. You might recognise a few faces here, such as British Touring Car champion Tom Ingram.

Working with respected sportsmen and women gives Walero the competitive edge, and with a professional photo portfolio too, their branding looks fantastic.

Outdoor portrait photography

We got started with some portraits outside the garage door. These were nice close-up headshots, which would work well in black and white too. We worked with a few different poses – all very brooding!

Next up we moved indoors. I set up three lights – a large main light, and a green and red behind the ambassadors, coming from the left and the right. This gave the models a very “spotlight” look, with no distractions from anywhere else.

Lifestyle shots on the racetrack

For our final mission, we headed outdoors as a group to explore the racetrack. Again, this helped to give the clothing a bit more context, even under their full racing suits.

I asked the lads and ladies to pose very casually, and pretend I wasn’t there in some shots. They happily chatted outside the pits – clearly a great group of friends! We finished with a few more posed photographs outside notable areas like the starting line. I edited them and am pleased to say they now feature in the Walero website.

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