V12 Protein Shake
How much sugar is in your protein drink?

Getting fit, hitting the gym, working out – we can’t get enough of it these days! Whether it’s on the front cover of magazines or taking up space on our social media feeds, the health and fitness industry is on the rise, and with it, the workout supplement industry is booming. It’s no surprise, then, that my 2D animation catalogue should contain some client work from within this industry – in this case, the protein drink makers V12, who are trying to market one key element of their product.

2D animation on YouTube

This is the second 2D animation I have done for V12, the first of which has already seen 10,000 hits on YouTube. The premise of their product is simple: high value protein ideal for a post workout pick-me-up, without loading your body up with sugar.

I learn a lot from working with a variety of clients, and it was quite shocking to hear some of the stats from most of the protein shakes available out there – i.e., the amount of sugar in the majority of these so called health drinks! The V12 product is naturally sugar-free, which is the key sentiment I had to get across in this 2D animation project.

Capturing the V12 branding

As with all my animation projects, capturing the brand is key. One of the best, and indeed simplest, ways to do this is simply to experiment with colour. As such, I stuck with V12’s two main colours – red and white – and fused this with vector graphics and animated typography to make the video engaging.

Health and fitness is all about getting results, fast – and making it fun! That’s the vibe I’ve tried to capture in this video here, making sure the key facts are displayed within the typography whilst using symbolic graphics to engage the viewer. It also took just two days to produce, so I like to think I’m sticking to a theme here!

It’s great to work with clients from all industries, and even better to know that I might be helping to improve some people’s health in the process! I had a great time getting creative with all the resources used on this video and hope to see as many YouTube hits as my previous work. Keep an eye out!

If you want to know more about how my 2D animation packages can help to market your product, feel free to drop me a line today.

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