Product Video

Dwelle is a new brand for baby and family clothing and accessories. As they booked a combined photography and videography package I spent one long day in the studio shooting both photography and video in one session. As the attention span of the baby is very limited the session had to be broken several shorter parts – but it was worth the wait!

The video is now used on Amazon to show its unique features in a fun how-to-use-style format. The customers seem to love it as the sales have significantly increased.

Video production budget: £950

Trekki is a brand-new outdoor and family clothing and accessory supplier. They hired me for an all-day photo and video shoot including two models and a baby. We filmed some stunning nature footage which really conveys the outdoor feel of the brand.

To finish the production we added a professional voice-over, logo animation and an emotive soundtrack. This video is now featured on Trekki’s Amazon listing as well as their social media outlets.

Production budget: £1750

Marketing product video for RKS,  one of Europe’s leading developer and manufacturer of Squeegees – a very specialized part need in screen printing.

RKS commissioned me to create a product video about their latest development: a laser-guided grinding machine.

The shoot was done in just one afternoon and the edit was finished next day.

Production budget £950

Product video for online marketing campaign. Les Pres Blanc invited me for a two day shoot in Provence, France. I filmed every single room of this magnificent villa as well as the gardens, pool, annex and the surrounding area. This has been one of my most enjoyable shoots so far.

The edit was finished in one day.

Production budget: £1400

NBS Technologies is a Canada-based manufacturer of instant issuance card printers. The programmable cards are used in areas such as hospitality, education, access management and customer loyalty.

NBS Tech commissioned me to produce an online marketing video of their latest product range: Javelin DNA. This video was filmed in 1 day in my green screen studio in Guildford, UK. Post-production was completed in 3 working days.

Production budget: £1900