Wedding Photography and Videography Blog

Welcome to my wedding photography and videography blog, where I’ll share with you each and every wonderful experience I have had capturing happy couples’ big days. As part of my wedding photography and videography services, I love to tell the bride and groom’s story. Not only will I do this through a series of natural and intimate photographs and videos, but also through my own words, helping to give you a little insight into the experience behind the lens.

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Each blog post will take you through the many steps and intricate details of the big day, chronicling the events as I captured them with my camera, from preparing the bridal party right through to the first dance. With the blessing of each couple, whose names I have changed for privacy reasons, I’ll give you a detailed account of the wedding setting, the imagery I have to work with and which equipment worked best for which scene.

I’ll also tell you which moments made that particular day special, and what challenges I came across as a photographer. For example, how could I manipulate natural light to turn a gloomy British day into a bright and uplifting family shot? Or how did I manage to capture the finer details, from flowers in the bridesmaids’ hair to the intricacies of the canapés?

Every wedding I shoot presents an individual challenge for me to be as creative as possible whilst working with the wishes of the bride and groom. There have been happy moments, nerve-wracking moments and plain bizarre moments, but each and every one is a joy to photograph and to write about in this blog. Whether you’re a budding photographer yourself or are looking for inspiration for your big day, I hope you find this blog inspiring and helpful, and I look forward to sharing more experiences with you in the future.

Steph and Tim Wedding Photography Slough

Steph and Tim
Wedding Photography Slough

The majority of couples I meet for wedding photography are invariably a bundle of nerves, so working with Stephanie and Tim was a breath of fresh air. The pair booked me for wedding photography in Slough about six months prior to their wedding day,…
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Wedding Photography Henley

Gladys and Andy
Wedding Photography Henley

Here’s a true love story if there ever was one – the courting of Gladys and Andy. It was obvious to me as soon as I met them that they were madly in love, and had been since the day they met at university.…
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Julie and Martin - Autumn Couple Photography 25

Julie and Martin
Autumn Couple Photography

It’s certainly going to be a busy summer, if my recent run of engagement photo shoots in London is anything to go by! You may have seen in my previous blogs some examples of my couple photography, showing that I’m happy to photograph not…
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Wedding at Coworth Park Ascot

Lorraine and Dave
Luxury Wedding at Coworth Park in Ascot

For me, every wedding photography opportunity is special, but some occasions really stick out in your mind. This was certainly the case with Lorraine and Dave, whose wedding at Coworth Park will provide me with happy memories for years to come. read the storyread…
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Wedding Photography at Guildford Castle

Vanessa and Liam
Guildford Castle Wedding Photography

My profession comes with a lot of surprises, including some last-minute ones! This was certainly the case during a recent stint of wedding photography at Guildford Castle. I was invited to photograph the wedding of Liam and Vanessa at Artington House in Guildford –…
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Wedding in Soho

Holly and James’ Wedding in Soho

As you’ll see from my previous blog about Vanessa and Edd, I don’t always just photograph the wedding itself – sometimes a couple will like to relive their celebrations once again, whether they’re partying in a different location or just want to try something…
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Creative Wedding Surrey

Creative Wedding experts: Nicola and Enrique

The nuptials of Enrique and Nicola will always stand out for me. In particular this was one of the most creative wedding ceremonies I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. Read the storyRead the story This occasion was very close to home for…
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