Wedding Live Streaming for London and the South East

Are you unable to attend the wedding of your loved ones due to travel restrictions or distance? Don’t let that stop you from being a part of their special day! With our state-of-the-art live-streaming technology, you can experience the ceremony, speeches, and first dance as if you were there in person.

Plus, with the option to re-watch the stream at any time, you’ll never miss a moment of the memories being made. We offer high-quality full HD wedding live streaming for weddings in London and the South East. Don’t let distance or any other restrictions keep you from the celebration, book us for a wedding live-streaming experience you’ll never forget.

Quick Overview

  • covering London and the South East
  • Starting at £595
  • Single-Camera or Multicamera
  • Secure 4-channel (4x4G) high-speed internet connection on the go
  • Premium TV-quality video stream in full HD, 6mbit/s upload
  • Interactive Zoom integration option
  • Integration of pre-recorded material (videos, slideshows)
  • Wireless microphones for crisp sound quality, live mixing
  • local in-camera recording for highlight video edit
  • Private viewing page (with chat window if you like)
  • unlimited live and offline views, easy video download
  • ideal in combination with wedding video production and wedding photography

Nikki and Rob

Six-Camera Wedding Live Stream

Tégan and Nick

Six-Camera Wedding Live Stream

Celebrate via Wedding Live Streaming

Moritz Schmittat | Sussex Wedding Photographer, Surrey Wedding Photographer, Wedding Live Streaming Expert, Funeral Live Streaming Expert

Live Streaming Expert

Hello, I’m Moritz. I lead a team of experts in wedding live streaming. Most of the weddings we live stream are in London, Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire, and Hampshire, but we are happy to travel anywhere.

Our Wedding Live Streaming Services include multi-camera options (up to six cameras), multi-location (location hopping), and start/stop walk-around coverage.

We know that preparation is of utmost importance. We will consult with the venue to ensure that all connections, permissions, and logistics are in place before your big day.

Secure Connection

Our award-winning multi-channel internet connection (4x 4G modems) allows us to stream TV-quality productions at up to 6mbit/s. This is about 6-8 times the quality of Zoom.

Whether your wedding is in London or South East England, it can be watched live worldwide: reliable, TV-quality, multi-camera, fully private and full HD. Get in touch for more examples and check out our amazing reviews as well.

Mina and Behfar, Central London Wedding Live Stream via Zoom

Live Stream with Zoom integration

Wedding Highlight Video

Zoom Recording

An unforgettable experience

Wedding live streaming offers a wide range of creative possibilities. Bring your remote guests an experience they will never forget by live streaming your wedding. We can produce a full-blown BBC-style live broadcast or a very subtle one-camera production. I can bring a 50-inch plasma screen and set it up at the front of the ceremony, which opens up a whole host of new possibilities: we can invite remote guests via Zoom (for speeches, readings, songs, etc) or play pre-recorded material on this screen and into the stream… perhaps a photo slideshow in the waiting room before we begin?

How does wedding live streaming work?

I will send you a link to a private viewing page on my website. The page is hidden from Google’s search results. A live stream video window will appear on this page, which is basically a video player that will start playing automatically when we are on location. Just forward this link to your live stream audience – that’s it. Additionally, I can add a chat window under this player for your guests to chat during the broadcast.

Nicola and Anthony

Five-Camera Wedding Live Stream incl. Zoom Connection to NZ

News-Style Coverage: start/stop wedding live streaming

Wedding videography with a live stream twist!

For a day, you can be your own reality TV star. While I film your wedding like a normal videographer I also live stream the proceedings so that you can see the day unfold as it unfolds.

You simply have to share the URL of your private video player with your remote guests. They can see each live sequence in real-time here, as well as all previous live clips in a video playlist (take a look yourself! ), so they can check out what has happened so far even when we are offline.

There will also be a chat window below this player so that your audience can comment and congratulate you live. Furthermore, every live sequence (and much more) is captured in-camera, just like a traditional wedding video.

What happens after the wedding live stream?

After I go offline, the live player will become a standard video player. With this feature, you and your guests can watch everything again and again, no matter if they are in London right around the corner or halfway around the world. You will also receive a downloadable MP4 file within 24 hours. I never delete anything, so you and your guests can watch your wedding live stream like a movie.

Highlight Wedding Video Edit

I am more than happy to edit a wedding highlight video for you after your wedding. If you like I can even film (not live) additional behind the scene (or ‘B-Roll’) footage – just like I do when I’m booked for wedding videography. Please speak to me about the details.

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