Surrey Wedding Photographer

My name is Moritz Schmittat, and I’m an award-winning Surrey wedding photographer based in Guildford.

I photograph weddings in and around Surrey in a relaxed, natural, and fun style. I love photographing real moments with real people and real emotions – stories that truly mean something to my couples. If you are looking for a Surrey wedding photographer who works in an unobtrusive photo reportage style, you’ve come to the right place. I blend in without ever drawing attention to myself or interfering with your day – stealth mode, completely silent.

We can also take a few minutes at different times of your wedding day to create epic portraits of you two: showing off your venue; the lush Surrey landscape; and producing tasteful nighttime effect shots – photographs that will always look impressive whether printed or shared online.

Whether you are based in Surrey or beyond, I hope you will find this website informative and inspiring.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Surrey Wedding Photographer Moritz Schmittat. Award-winning wedding photography for Surrey, London and the South East.
Bride and groom relaxing in the sun
Group Wedding Photo at Wotton House Surrey
Epic photograph of a first kiss by the bride and groom in front of a full cathedral of wedding guests in Surrey.
Stunning sunset photograph of bride and groom

Wedding photography in Surrey

As I’m based in Guildford, I have shot hundreds of weddings in Surrey and the surrounding counties.  I’ve shot many Surrey weddings at some of the most beautiful countryside venues, stunning manor houses, colourful festival weddings, cosy barn weddings, breezy seaside weddings at luxury hotels and many weddings at icon central London landmarks. I’ve even shot a few weddings abroad.

I believe I have shot at most wedding venues in Surrey and each season I get to know a handful of new ones. If I don’t know your wedding venue yet, I will do a proper recce before I start shooting and check out what other photographers have produced there.

Your wedding in Surrey

Every wedding is an emotional rollercoaster ride, from the excitement in the morning to the emotional highlights of the vows to the hilarious moments of the speeches and the wild party energy on the dance floor.

I find it fascinating and highly satisfying to create photos that tell the story of your day – honestly and respectfully. Therefore, I shoot in documentary style almost always – except for group and couple photographs. Documentary style means I don’t interfere, pose, move people or objects or ask anybody to look at the camera and smile. I capture everything as it happens.

Therefore, you can simply forget about me. Just enjoy your day and I will document it for you.

Bride in the morning of her wedding, getting her hair done and smiling.
Photograph of the bride and her six bridesmaids in the dressing gowns, just hours before the wedding ceremony at a wedding venue in Surrey.
Humorous photograph of the groom getting ready while his is unconsciously standing underneath 
Creative photograph of the bride getting her make up done just hours before her wedding ceremony at a gorgeous wedding venue in Surrey, England.
The groom and his friends enjoying themselves moments before the wedding ceremony as they jump in the air and cheer to the camera.

Your Wedding Day

I aim to photograph every little detail. In the morning I typically start with the venue, the dress, the flowers, the rings and all the bits and pieces you have prepared. We need shots of you two getting ready, and before your ceremony, we have to get a shot of you in your dress!

Gorgeous bride in her amazing wedding dress and a beautiful veil in her hair at a stunning wedding venue in Surrey, standing in the middle of the room, slightly looking over her left shoulder and smiling at the camera.
Photograph of the bridal shoes hanging on a clock inside the bridal suite at a famous wedding venue in Surrey.
Beautiful photograph of the bride in her wedding dress on her wedding day shot from behind while she is looking into a mirror in front of her so that the camera can see her from both sides
Classic wedding photograph of the brides wedding dress hanging above a door frame at her wedding venue in Surrey, England.
Stunning bride in her beautiful wedding dress in a well-known hotel in Surrey facing away from the camera, but looking over her left shoulder and smiling at the camera.
Bride getting her hair and make up done in the morning, off for a wedding day at an exquisite hotel in Surrey.
Extremely stylish photograph of a very handsome groom, adjusting his outfit in the morning of his wedding day.
Creative photograph of the bride in the morning of the wedding in her dressing gown getting her hair done showing hairspray being applied to the back of her hair.
Stylish photograph showing the cufflinks of the groom and his friends in the morning of the wedding.
Photo of a groom, getting ready in the morning of his wedding, looking out of the window while finishing tying his tie.
Photo of the bride sitting in the Wedding car, waiting outside the church for the ceremony to start.

How many weddings do you photograph in Surrey?

I’m a full-time Surrey wedding photographer who shoots about 30 weddings each season. I avoid shooting more than two per week. About half of my couples also book my video add-on. In addition to weddings, I shoot a lot of corporate work (especially during the autumn and winter). If you’re interested, have a look at my commercial brand here:

Are you looking for a local Surrey wedding photographer?

Let me know if you want to learn more and we can speak via video call. If you decide to go ahead and book, I will send you a private link to my online booking system. The process is simple: sign the contract in your browser, fill in a questionnaire (which you can update later) and pay your deposit (20%). The final instalment (80%) will be due on your wedding day. I will send you PDF invoices and payment receipts.

How do you deliver your wedding photography to us?

Typically I need about a week to edit a wedding and I will send you your wedding photos via a private gallery on my website. Share this link with your friends and families; it will look gorgeous on any device. Additionally, I will send you a Google Drive link where you can download all of your photos and videos. I never delete anything, which means I have hundreds of weddings saved online.

Wedding Ceremony Photos

As an established wedding photographer Surrey is truly the best place to be. I get to see so many different cultures, traditions and religions – in essence, they all aim for the same: the blessing of a new union! I am still amazed by the intensity and meaningfulness of rituals and ceremonies. Witnessing these deep emotions is truly inspiring.

Finding the right distance to the action is the best way to honour and capture these moments. If I’m too close I might disturb the celebration and if I’m too far my photos might feel disconnected. Feeling the vibe is essential to creating wedding photographs that tell the story as it happens without ever becoming a part of it.

A deeply emotional moment when the father of the bride is walking her daughter down the aisle. 
Shot of a wedding ceremony inside an impressive church in Surrey, England. The wedding ceremony is seen from the back of the church which is occupied to the last seat be the congregation. 
Bride and groom sitting inside a Mandap during their Hindu wedding ceremony at a wedding venue in Surrey.
The groom placing the wedding ring onto the fourth finger of his bride during an outdoor Jewish wedding cremony. 
Friends and family standing around and behind the bride and groom praying for them.
Bride and groom standing in front of their wedding guests at their wedding venue in Surrey smiling at the priest who just declared them husband and wife.
Emotional wedding ceremony at a church in Surrey. The priest is addressing the bride and groom who are smiling back at him as they listen.
Bride and groom enjoying their first kiss after exchanging their wedding vows in a village church in Surrey.
Bride and groom walking down the aisle of the church while the crowd is cheering and wishing them luck.
Unusual group portrait at a wedding inside, and extremely packed church, showing the bride and groom in the front of the church, with all of the wedding guests standing behind them a church in Surrey, England
Stunning group shot of all wedding guests with the bride and the groom standing in the middle and their wedding venue in the background.
Stylish group shot of the bride and groom, surrounded by their friends in beautiful black outfits.

Wedding Group shots

As important as group shots are at a wedding, we probably don’t want to spend too much time shooting them. Therefore, I would recommend that you make a list beforehand of about 10 groups (or less). It would be helpful if your friends would have this list as well so they can help find the right people for the next shot. This way we can get all the group shots done in a minimal amount of time.

Hilarious, photograph of a wedding guest without his trousers, doing the splits in the middle of the dancefloor.

Will you help us pose in our wedding photos?

Hardly anybody feels completely comfortable in front of the camera. Humour is a great way to break the ice – let’s just have fun! I like working through stories: for example, I’d say to the groom ‘Imagine your wife is cold and you have to keep her warm’ – you would instinctively know what to do, and wrap your arms around her naturally. Or I might say ‘Hold hands, slowly walk towards that tree over there and talk about something silly’ – Just be yourself, no awkward posing. Leave the rest up to me.

How do you edit your wedding photography?

As you might know, wedding photographers, spend way more time editing my photos than taking them. During an all-day shoot, I typically take about 4k shots. After culling them to a selection of about 600 photos, I edit every single image. This usually takes about three full days. I like colour photos more than black and white images. However, it is easy to change colour photos into black and white versions later – no extra charge of course.

Do you offer engagement and wedding photography?

Many couples also book me for a ‘pre-wedding’ or engagement photography session. This can be at any location you like in and around Surrey and typically we would spend about 1-2 hours.  You can use these photos for your wedding invitations, table cards, seating plan, order of service etc.  I can show you a few simple poses and tips and tricks to make your wedding day run even smoother and to make you feel even more comfortable in front of the camera. Find out more about my engagement photography here. 

Wedding Reception

Congratulations! You are married! Time to relax and enjoy the time with your friends and family. I’ll switch back to 100% stealth mode and roam around capturing as many memorable moments as I possibly can.

Cute photograph of a toddler girl, playing with a yellow balloon at a wedding reception.
Reportage wedding, photography, scene of guests mingling during the drinks reception after the wedding ceremony at a renowned wedding venue in the heart of Surrey.
Documentary wedding photography scene at a wedding with beautiful weather in the heart of Surrey.
Amazingly creative wedding photography, showing three young wedding guests, enjoying garden games during cocktail hour at the wedding reception
Photograph of the bride and two children playing on the grass with bubbles during the wedding reception.
Photograph of four children peeking through the handrail of the staircase at a wedding venue in Surrey with their tongues out and pulling silly grimaces.
Wedding couple looking at each other while walking hand in hand through the field at their wedding venue in Surrey.
Bride and groom in a unmowed meadow at their stunning wedding venue in Surrey, UK.
 Bride lovingly looking at her 
Wedding couple sitting on a romantic swing under a tree at their wedding venue in Surrey.
Bride and groom going for a dip kiss during their wedding reception at Brookfield Barn wedding venue in Surrey.
Bride and groom walking hand in hand with their guest in the background.
Funny wedding photograph of the bride and groom jumping into the air at their wedding venue Gilding Barn in Surrey.
Newlywed couple running happily through the field after their wedding in Surrey.
Bride and groom going for a stroll in front of their wedding venue Horsley Towers in Surrey.
Inspiring photograph of the bride and groom sitting on the stairs of their wedding venue in Surrey.
Couple portrait after the wedding ceremony.
Groom lifting up his bride on their wedding day on a little country road.

Portrait Wedding Photography

I’d recommend that we do a few ‘mini photoshoots’ throughout the day. We can be quite fast, so you don’t miss out on anything. During the drinks and canapés, we could disappear for 10-15min. During sunset (aka ‘Golden Hour’) we do another little session, and then another short one when it’s dark (effect shots with flashes and smoke flares etc.). This way we will get a wide variety of shots, while your guests won’t miss you for too long. Surrey has an amazing selection of wedding venues, so getting impressive shots will be no problem at all.

Wedding Speeches

Your wedding speeches are likely to be another highlight of your wedding day. My job is to capture the atmosphere in the room, the reactions of the audience and – of course – the speakers themselves. Please have a look at my Surrey wedding photography portfolio to see a lot more examples.

Groom addressing the room during his speech at a wedding venue in Surrey.
Best man making the bride and groom laugh during his speech.
Shot of the top table at a wedding reception in Surrey.
Bride and groom listening attentively to the best man's speech during the wedding breakfast.
Emotional words by the bride to her groom during the wedding supper.
Best man giving his speech while the groom is close to tears. 

Will there be any additional wedding photography costs?

My quote will be 100% transparent and include everything such as travel, parking, editing and VAT – there won’t be any additional costs. Your package will include a set amount of hours on location (typically 8-12), a minimum amount of edited photos (I usually deliver many more), and any wedding videos you might want to add to your booking. We will both sign a little contract and I will confirm each payment via my automated booking system.

How is your wedding photography work insured?

Yes! I operate as a Surrey wedding photographer under my business name Schmittat Ltd. I’m fully insured with Hiscox: £5m Public Liability and £1m Indemnity. I’m also a fully licensed and insured drone operator. I’m more than happy to liaise with your venue and event planner before your wedding and provide them with any paperwork they might require.

Do you collect wedding photography reviews?

I am very aware that Surrey offers fantastic wedding photographers and videographers. I know how important a good reputation is in such a competitive field. All my clients are automatically invited to review me on the Google-trusted site, a professional service trusted by major brands. I’m incredibly proud of all of my reviews and will do my best to defend my reputation as an excellent wedding photographer in Surrey and beyond.

Party wedding photography!

It’s time to move things to the dance floor. Cut your wedding cake, and sway away to the music. I’ll be there, roaming around, getting the best angles. Have a look at my wedding photography portfolio to see entire Surrey weddings including the evening party.

Wedding couple cutting their wedding cake
Bride and groom enjoying their first dance in a tepee tent at a wedding venue in Surrey.
Bride and groom dancing in the middle of the dance floor with money pinned to their outfits.
Beautiful couple enjoying their first dance together as Mr and Mrs.
Intimate first dance of the bride and groom with their wedding band in the background.
A wedding venue in Surrey filled to the max with guests who are all on the dance floor. 

Sunsets in Surrey and effect wedding photography

During and after sunset, I like getting the flashes and smoke flares out to create some epic night-time shots. I have shot at most Surrey wedding venues so I know what will look great in your wedding album. Usually, I prepare these shots while you’re dancing away and once everything is set up and calibrated I’d borrow you for just a few minutes. These shots look great printed and are a wonderful way to finish the day with a bang.

Sunset photograph of groom lifting his bride and she rewarding him with a kiss.
Amazing photograph of the bride and groom kissing during sunset.
Silhouette photograph of the bride and the groom dancing during sunset.
Beautiful wedding, photograph of a couple, embracing in a field with a very strong sunset, illuminating the field in golden brown light.
Spooky wedding, couple portrayed, showing the new Mr and Mrs kissing on a graveyard, surrounded by a red cloud which is illuminated from behind.
Very creative wedding photograph of the new Mr and Mrs standing at a field at night with a backlit cloud behind them at a well-known wedding venue in Surrey, England.
Very creative wedding photograph, showing the newlywed couple, embracing in front of a circle made of light painting patterns.
Epic wedding nighttime shot of two brides embracing in front of a blue illuminated temple at a well known wedding venue in Surrey.
Beautiful Christmas wedding photograph, showing the couple standing outside in the snow looking at each other and holding each other warm.

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    I hope you have enjoyed this about my wedding photography in Surrey. I appreciate it’s just a mini taster of what a wedding photo gallery can be. Please have a look at my portfolio to get a better feel for my coverage and my style. Having studied with an established Surrey wedding photographer, I know I might not be the cheapest wedding photographer Surrey has to offer, but I’m certainly one of the most flexible ones. If you are interested in finding out more, please get in touch and I’ll send you a personalised quote (hours of coverage, video add-ons, travel, etc).  Thank you again for taking the time to look at my work. I’m looking forward to hearing from you!