Wedding Videography at Addington Palace – Shali and Robin

This was a last-minute booking for Shali and Robin’s wedding at Addington Palace. He called me just the day before, but thankfully, as it was a quiet period in February, I had a free day!

We had a very early 6am start at Addington Palace, where Shali was getting ready for the Hindu ceremony. I decided to film her wedding interview later at lunch, which I would then splice into the beginning of the video.

Hindu wedding ceremony at Addington Palace

For the morning ceremony, Robin arrived to the tune of loud horns and dancing – everybody was certainly feeling like a celebration!

I made sure I captured a wide angle of the ceremony as well as close-ups of the finer details, such as bowls of traditional spices. It was a very traditional Hindu ceremony, lasting almost two hours, honouring the sacred pheras.

During a lunch break after the ceremony, I recorded the bride and groom’s interviews. They both recounted their love of mountains – so much so that Robin even proposed on top of one!

Civil wedding ceremony videography

After a quick costume change into Western attire, it was time for a civil ceremony in the afternoon, during which they exchanged vows and signed the wedding book. The marquee at Addington Palace was all set for a party, so I took some wide shots of the tables and the decorations.

Meanwhile, the newlyweds had another costume change in preparation for the festivities. Dressed in black tie, they cut the cake and took a seat for the speeches. The highlight of these has to be a speech from two young boys in the groom’s family!

The first dance

As the crowds descended for Shali and Robin’s first dance, I filmed both close-ups and wide shots to capture those beautiful twirls. Then the party really started! People were shoulder to shoulder on the dancefloor and there were smiles all round. I slowed this down in post-production to really capture the happiness.

We finished with some post-wedding interviews. They’re both hugely looking forward to their future together and I wish them all the best! I had a great day filming this multicultural wedding at Addington Palace – please get in touch if you’re looking for wedding videography at this wonderful venue.

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