Moritz Schmittat
Surrey Wedding Videographer

To me, creating a meaningful wedding video is both an art and a creative service. I film weddings in the same way that I photograph them: unobtrusively and creatively.

I’m a silent hunter, always looking for the next beautiful moment to happen.  Based in Guildford, I consider myself very fortunate to often film at Surrey’s most beautiful wedding venues.

Cheryl and Andre

–  Pelham House Lewis –

All-day Wedding Videography

During the wedding ceremony and speeches, I use several cameras, including a few mini-cameras (sometimes 4-5) to cover the event from every angle without ever drawing attention to myself.

I’m also one of the very few wedding videographers to include intro and exit interviews (only if you wish!) to give your wedding video a unique personal touch.

Becky and Alex

– Gorse Hill Woking –

All-day videography and photography package.
(Ceremony and speech videos available on request.)

My Approach to Wedding Videography

A memorable wedding film is all about storytelling. Impressive camera angles and cinematic shots make it look impressive, but the true emotional content of your wedding film only comes from capturing true moments as they happen.

I stay away from short-lived wedding videography trends My approach to wedding filming is purely content-driven. I believe there is no better way in creating an amazing wedding video than telling the story of your wedding as it unfolds.

When you watch your wedding film back, my goal is to make you relive those special moments and emotions once again – even years and decades later. If your wedding video is as impactful decades after your wedding, I know I’ve done my job well.

Bunty and Tom

 – Beaverbrook –

All-day videography package
Ceremony and speeches videos available on request.

The Story of your Wedding

In order to tell the story of your wedding day and your relationship, I embed short soundbites of your ceremony, the speeches and even a short interview of you two (if you’re up for it!).

I will also ask your guests to leave token video messages, which always comprise heartfelt, cute, and funny tributes, along with memorable anecdotes to make your video unique.

Shannon and Hollie

 – Wotton House –

All-day videography and photography package
Ceremony, speech videos and photography are available on request.

Wedding Videography Edits

After your wedding you will receive three video edits:

Highlight Video

This is your ‘main’ wedding film – the best bits of your day tastefully edited into a 10min highlight film. It will include you and your friends getting ready, walking down the aisle, your vows, the confetti throw, the wedding reception, the highlights of the speeches, cutting the cake, the first dance and more partying.

Ceremony Video

I use at least four cameras to film your wedding ceremony, whether it’s in a church, a venue or even outside. I have wireless clip-on microphones for the groom, the priest/registrar, musicians and anybody doing a ready etc. Your ceremony video will be a 1:1 coverage (the same length as the event) so you are not missing anything.

Speeches Video

Similarly, I will film the speeches with multiple cameras (usually four) to cover the speakers, your reactions and the reactions of your guests. I will mic up everybody who speaks and in addition record the output of the PA system (if available).  The speeches video is also 1:1 coverage so you’re not missing a single bit of the speeches.

Kim and Adam

– Old Luxters Barn –

All-day videography package

Synergies of Wedding Videography and Photography

There are a lot of benefits and synergies in combining wedding videography and wedding photography. First of all, it’s less obtrusive – there is only one shooter, so you don’t have the situation of two different suppliers fighting for space behind the altar.

Secondly, there are fewer people to deal with in the run-up to your wedding, which means fewer emails, fewer briefs, one contract and one invoice. Thirdly, your photographs and film will all be in one consistent style, so they’ll look great next to each other in your online gallery.

And finally, costs: my combined wedding photography and videography package is much more affordable than booking a separate photographer and videographer. Also, it’s straightforward to add wedding live streaming if needed.

Cathy and Mike

–  Two Woods Estate –

All-day Wedding Videography and Photography

Shooting Wedding Photography and Videography simultaneously

I use the flagship A1 Sony cameras with the finest G-Master Prime lenses. These cameras not only shoot incredible photos but also broadcast (and Netflix-approved) videos too! With one button I can toggle between photo and video mode. The advantage is that your wedding photos and your wedding videos will have the exact same look and feel and that there is only one camera person at your wedding covering it all.

If you book one of my photo/video combination packages I will still run my four static video cameras during the ceremony and the speeches so you still get the same 1:1 coverage. Additionally, I use a mini robotic video camera that sits on top of my stills camera to film moments that require rapid photography (confetti throw, first dance etc). All cameras are able to film in 4k and slow motion, so I can choose from a variety of camera angles when editing your highlight video.

Vanika and Matt

 – Northbrook Park –

All-day videography package
Ceremony and speeches videos available on request.

Wedding Live Streaming

Since the pandemic, I offer high-quality wedding live streaming. My cameras are connected to a video switcher unit directly connected to the internet, making it possible to share your special moments with your remote guests via a private HD wedding video live stream. Even if some of your guests cannot be physically present, they will still be able to witness your vows in real time via your own private wedding video stream. Please get in touch for more details about my wedding live streaming service.

Please feel free to contact me today to talk through my wedding filmmaking packages (including wedding video live streaming).

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